1. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation.
  2. Low Investment without any risk.
  3. Proper guidance for office management works.
  4. Right to decide & prescribe own fee structure of courses.
  5. No Sharing in Course Fee and Tuition fee of students.
  6. Right to take admission & conduct monthly examination as per your own prescribed session.
  7. Right to suggest new job oriented courses.
  8. Nominal One time Centre authorization Fee & Renewal Fee.
  9. Centre Start up kit
  10. Advertisement through Internet, National & Local Newspaper.
  11. Easy & Fast Delivery of Diploma & Certificates.
  12. Online Centre Registration Check Facility.
  13. Online examination facility.
  14. Online Student Registration
  15. No monthly Audit required.
  16. Study Material availability at anytime.
  17. Own study materials develop by our expert tutor.
  18. Having Tie –ups with Various University(Private/Govt.)



NSDM, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization, is offering a best opportunity for you to be a franchisee of us and get lots of benifits that increase your business goal. All of us know that in this era the IT sector is growing and also the student who want to increase their skills about IT is searching for a best organisation where they groom their IT skills. We provide the best programs that helps the student to learn more.

We offers Institutional Programs, Comapany Training Courses and also NGO Programs. We provide the market value with the help of our marketing strategy, course structure, fee structure etc. We also provide you the offline and online services to you and students that tends our relationship to the high end.

Join Our Institute
  • Q. = What is the Franchise process?
    • Ans. = Firstly we just confirm your centre location, then you have to send franchisee form along with all required documents and Cheque/DD payable at Orai issued in favour of NSDM.
  • Q. = What is the Minimun Requirement of franchisee?
    • Ans. = Your centre's covered area should not be less than 200 sq.ft. along with 3 rooms (1 for Theory, 1 for Machine Room and 1 for Office). You just require to set up machine room with 4-5 Computers with any electricity backup and internet facility.
  • Q. = Does it matter is i am not a technical person?
    • Ans. = No! Not at all - If there is any technical or marketing issued arised by your client NSDM support team always have answers for you. You just need to concentrate on your bussness revenues.
  • Q. = What is the affiliation fee for a franchisee?
    • Ans. = The cost of NSDM Franchise is 20,000 Rs. only. This fee includes the cost of starting material (like flex, pamphlets, posters etc.) and Registration charges.
  • Q. = What type of services provided by NSDM?
    • Ans. = NSDM is providing services by online and offline mode for student and franchise like online student registration, certificate verfication, student login, student status, franchise login, franchise status, online course material, online tutor training, online exam demo, books, notes, question paper, answersheets etc.
  • Q. = What should be the minimum distance between two centers?
    • Ans. = There are no set distances defined between two centers. The decision solely remains in the hands of NSDM based on the population of the Target Audience, the market potential and various other factors pertaining to that geographical location.
  • Q. = How much is the royalty we charge?
    • Ans. = We will not charge any royalty on you collection. All the fees collected from student or any resources directly goes to franchise account. NSDM will only charge for registration and examination fee from student.